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Main Purposes of Educational Psychology

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Purposes of Educational Psychology

Purposes of Educational Psychology itself is important element in life that influences other fields. Thus, education is considered as basic needs human have to fulfill. It is not only about educational formal settings at school. Education is also about learning new information and how to adapt to changes. Keep in mind that education is also about learning an studying in instructional ways. It is more structured and systematic so the goals can be achieved. Meanwhile, psychology is also important element in life because it studies about human beings and their mental properties.

Furthermore, education and psychology are two important elements that can help us to learn more effectively in variety of settings such as formal institutions, social setting, etc. Therefore, there is educational psychology which is a branch of psychology that focuses on how human retain and absorb new information using variety of mental properties including intelligence, motivation, etc. Educational psychology uses various factors and perspectives to study human beings and their learning process. Cognitive, behavioral, and emotional perspectives are essential elements in educational psychology.

Purposes of Educational Psychology
Purposes of Educational Psychology

Through educational psychology, it is easier to study individuals especially their point of of view in learning. While psychology studies people in general, educational psychology focuse more in the educational settings and teaching and learning are involved regardless of the settings. Basically, educational psychology is a study about how human learn and process information. Therefore, it is expected to be easier to find the right and more effective strategies and methods required for educational success. It also studies what human can do to execute learning process. To put it simply, educational psychology studies human learning through logical and experimental approaches.

The function of educational psychology

Education system is complex. It is difficult to generalize teaching and learning approach because not every method works for every individual. Therefore, educational psychology is needed to find out individual characteristics in learning and processing new information. This way, it can be found the most effective methods, strategies, or approaches to help improve teaching and learning process. Educational psychology plays important role in promoting educational success. Its main function is to study human learning to encourage and promote effective teaching and learning methods in variety of settings. With educational psychology, it is possible for every individual to reach the peak of their potential in learning. Every individual is different which in return requires different learning method.

Purposes of Educational Psychology
Purposes of Educational Psychology

Educational psychology is important to help educational practitioners like teachers or social workers to understand more about individual difference in terms of learning. They will also understand more about individual power of the individuals they are teaching. Through educational psychology, teachers will be more aware about the mental power they can use to optimize the teaching process and promote effective learning for every individual they are teaching. Promoting the methods of teaching and learning poker uang asli can be consider as the main function of educational psychology.

How important is educational psychology?

The importance of educational psychology cannot be measured quantitatively. However, there are several important points to show the importance of educational psychology, such as:

  • Psychology and education are both important. Meanwhile psychology benefits education since it can help build proper foundation in educational system.
  • Our life involves variety of aspects and components. Those can affect the way we learn in general. With educational psychology, it is possible to understand those aspects and components better. Therefore, it is possible to find out more effective learning methods.
  • In the process of learning, physical elements are not the only influential things. Mental, and emotional states also involved and influential to the learning process. Those can affect the result of learning as well. Thus, educational psychology study all related factors especially the mental power that contribute to the process of learning. Therefore, teachers can understand more about the individual’s mind they are teaching. This way, it is more possible to encourage and promote successful learning skills development.
  • Educational psychology plays important role for teacher to understand more about their students. Thus, it will be easier to create strong bond between them. Strong bond between teachers and students can help promote healthy relationships which results in more successful teaching-learning process.
Purposes of Educational Psychology
Educational Psychology

We need Psychology in education because it can help promote the importance of problem solving-skills. The main purpose of learning is not only to gain new knowledge or process information. It is also about developing ability to solve problems. Basically, the scope of educational psychology is wide. This Psychology education not limited to formal educational settings such as schools. It is use more in those environments because it benefits education system in many ways. There are benefits that both teachers and students can gain so teaching and learning process is more effective.