The Role of Psychology in Education

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Psychology in Education

Educational psychology has become the basis for the formation and development of curriculum systems, learning, and assessment in the world of education. Its contribution to the development of the world education can be explained as follows:

The role of psychology in the education curriculum

Psychologically, students’ self-development is based on affective, cognitive, and psychomotor abilities. This ability can be seen in the development of attitudes, motivation, behavior, and other components. The learning component is a process from input to output. Then, the use of the curriculum as a framework for the flow of inputs to the output or good results requires the nature of psychology.

The curriculum that is currently being developed is a competency-based curriculum. Competence aims to develop capabilities in skills, knowledge, and reflection in thinking and acting. The habit of thinking and acting with consistent self-reflection allows the formation of a superior and competent students.

Psychology in Education
Psychology in Education

The role of psychology in the learning system

Associated with psychological theories that affect a person in behaviour, psychology also influences the learning system in the world of education positively. Students become serious about learning when the psychological response is guided by the teacher well. In addition, the process of understanding a topic’s learning becomes easier by solving the learning problems experienced. The desire becomes higher with the psychological approach of the teacher with pleasant interaction and communication.

Besides, educational psychology has also given birth to the principles of learning as described by Sudirwo:

–    A person who learns must have a goal.

–    Goals are born of needs, not coercion

–    Must be willing to experience some difficulties.

–    Learning is proven by behavior change.

–    Learning requires insight into what must be learned and understood.

–    Someone needs guidance.

–    Exams need to be done but are preceded by understanding.

The role of psychology in the assessment system

Psychology has also given its role in the scoring system. For example, an educator can use a psychological test to find out the level of intelligence of students, aptitude tests from to find out potential talents contained in students so that it is easier to provide guidance in helping develop the students’ self-potential.

Psychology in Education
Psychology in Education

The personality aspect test can also help teachers know their students’ personalities better so that they can provide a better approach in the learning process. Various psychological tests can help provide an assessment of each student to make it easier to bridge the wishes, potential, and dreams of students in accordance with their abilities and talents.

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