Educational Psychology in the Field of Science Teaching

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Educational Psychology science

Educational psychology specifically describes activities or human activities in relation to the educational situation. For example, how to attract attention so that lessons can be easily accepted, how to learn and so on. It also has a big relation to educational science and games Educational science requires learners to understand all about science materials. Somehow, teachers who bring this lesson need to use some approaches in the science learning. What are the approaches that a teacher can take?

Educational Psychology science
Educational Psychology science

Inductive approach

It is a learning approach that starts from a specific one to or towards the general one or starts from examples to a conclusion.

Deductive approach

It is the opposite of an inductive approach, which is an approach that starts from the general to or towards the specific or starts from the conclusion to the examples.

Environmental Approach

It is an approach that directs students to use the environment as a learning resource. In the implementation of the environmental approach, students are generally taught outside the classroom. But, it is not impossible under certain conditions or to study certain objects can be carried to bring the environment into the classroom or into the laboratory.

Concept approach

It is an approach that directs students to master the concept correctly. This approach is very important to avoid students being misconstrued.

Process approach

It is a process-oriented approach, not to results. In this approach, students are expected to truly master the concept. Students not only understand the concept but can also illustrate or model and even conduct experiments. If students are able to do the learning process properly and correctly, it is assumed that they will be able to receive learning outcomes well.

Problem-solving approach

It is an approach that directs or trains students to be able to solve problems in the field of science or study fields studied. Problems are differences or gaps that occur between the desired and the reality that occurs so that the desire arises to solve it or find a solution.

Educational Psychology science
Educational Psychology science

Inquiry approach

It is an approach that directs students to find knowledge, ideas, and information through their own efforts.

Community technology science approach

Basically, the community technology science approach in learning is carried out by the teacher through topics discussed by connecting between science and technology related to their use in society. The goals include increased motivation and learning achievement in addition to broadening students’ knowledge.

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