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Exploring Educational Psychology from Ancient Era until Today

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Exploring Educational Psychology from Ancient Era until Today

Psychology is interesting subject to explore and learn. It expands into several areas either blends, combine, integrate, or mix with other fields. One of them is educational psychology. This term refers to study of human learning. It involves quantitative analysis to understand the way human acquires the knowledge.

It started since ancient time when education became on the rise. In that time, a study of human was uncommon due to people thought this subject was unrealistic. Today, several concepts and theories have been introduced and developed. To understand more about this branch of psychology, you should start from historical background.

Exploring Educational Psychology from Ancient Era until Today
Exploring Educational Psychology from Ancient Era until Today
Understanding Educational Psychology

This field has two main perspectives. Firstly, you learn about human capability to obtain knowledge. In this case, researchers will explore aspects such as cognitive and behavior. Furthermore, study also includes motivation, self-regulation, human perceptive, self-concept, and self-assessment.

The second perspective is related to practical implementation. The most common example is educational activity in classroom. It is the small scale of how educational psychology will be implemented. Teachers use several methods and approaches to develop the suitable classroom management. The main objective is students have understand about certain knowledge or content.

Exploring Educational Psychology from Ancient Era until Today
Exploring Educational Psychology from Ancient Era until Today
Background and History
  1. Ancient era

Plato and Aristotle have been regarded as the sources of ancient philosophy. In that time, psychology was still unknown but both implemented some techniques to understand their students. They learned about personal characteristic that had significant impact during learning.  Plato used experience and sense to understand the world. Aristotle had different approach due to he focused on association. He put much effort on cognitive to understand the event in this world.

  1. Before 1900

During renaissance, psychology was not interesting subject. Most experts and scientists focuses on physic, math, chemical, biology, art, music, economics, and language. The only person who had significant role in this field was John Locke.

The rise of science and technology changed human life, community, and the world. In this situation, some researchers tried to understand how the human brain works. Many countries started to build schools, colleges, and universities. They wanted the best teaching method and this was the right moment for educational psychology.

Most of experts in this field developed learning method that was application for school. Edward Thorndike was one of leading reformer with teaching method that involved measurement and empirical evidence. In general, all theories and concepts in this era contributed to development of cognitive.

  1. Modern era

In modern era, John Dewey had been the top list as expert in education The most significant idea was progressive movement to make students more creative. The concept was different from his predecessors. The main difference was he considered a student as part of education. On the contrary, the old approach only tried how student could learn effectively.

When discussing about educational psychology, Benjamin Bloom is the expert that becomes primary references in many books, articles,