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Some Benefits of Environmental Education

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Environmental Education

Education is a major factor in human formation. Education plays a role in shaping the good or bad of human beings according to normative measures. On the other hand, the process of development and human education not only occurs and is influenced by the educational process that exists in the formal education system (school) only. Humans throughout their lives will always get influence from family, school, nature, and the wider community or we call it as environmental education.

Environmental Education
Environmental Education

What is environmental education?

Basically, environmental education is a kind of education that allows you to connect with the surrounding environment. It is not only about learning, but it will teach us about both the built environment and the natural environment. With this kind of education, the people will be more aware of several problems that may influence our environment and how to improve or sustain it. It is very important to embed the education about the environment for students so they will care about our nature.

What are the benefits of environmental education?

There are a few advantages of environmental education that can also be applied to either formal education or informal education such as:

  • Environmental education can provide information to students about the importance of protecting the environment.
  • It can give awareness to students about the importance of the environment.
  • It can find out how sensitive students are to the surrounding environment.
  • Providing opportunities for everyone to gain knowledge, skills, attitudes/behaviors, motivation, and commitment, which are needed to work individually.
  • Environmental education includes the affective aspects of behavior, values, and commitment needed to build a sustainable society.
  • Environmental education in schools is one of the implementations of character education. Character education and environmental education instill character values to students which include knowledge (cognitive), awareness or willingness (effective), and action (psychomotor) to implement these values.
  • The process of developing the values on which becomes the base of the character requires an ongoing process, carried out through various subjects in the curriculum and one of them is through environmental educations,
  • Education is a planned effort in developing the potential of learners so that they have a system of thinking, values, morals, and beliefs that are inherited by their people and develop that heritage in a direction that is suitable for present and future lives.
  • Education is also a community and nation’s effort in preparing its young generation for a better life for the people and nation in the future. Sustainability is marked by cultural inheritance and character that has been owned by the people and nation.
Environmental Education
Environmental Education