Videos washington trump russia hacking labott pkgcnn

videos washington trump russia hacking labott pkgcnn

Washington (CNN) A top adviser to President-elect Donald Trump said Monday he thinks the Russians were involved in election-related.
Intel analysis shows Putin approved election hacking . the election won by Trump, who was openly favored by the Russian government.
A top aide to President-elect Donald Trump speculated Thursday that the Obama administration's sanctions against Russia for its alleged samantha power putin trump labott intv cdn. cnnnext / Trump tweets about Russian hacking..

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RELATED: Democrats want Russian hacking intelligence declassified The transition team's reference to the agency's most humiliating recent intelligence misfire — over its conclusion that Iraq under Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction — threatens to cast an early cloud over relations between the Trump White House and the CIA, whose assessments he'll need to make monumental decisions. But earlier, there had been several stops in the Middle East, right? Why get into this big fight with the Russians over this? Questions clouding the White House revolve around extensive meetings between prominent Russian officials and members of the Trump orbit and whether there was coordination between them at a time when US intelligence agencies assessed the Kremlin was trying to interfere in the election.
videos washington trump russia hacking labott pkgcnn

Once again, I reject any possibility that official Russia can be involved in any way. They're obfuscating and they're delaying. I would pull my ambassador out of Moscow. I think it's basically just dialogue back and forth. ACOSTA: But experts say Trump could be in danger of violating a little-known cause in the Constitution, the Emolument Clause, which bars presidents from accepting gifts from foreign governments. One person was killed, four people were injured. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Adam Schiff, the California Democrat and ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, dismissed Trump's argument out of hand. But is it enough to confirm that terrorists were to blame?

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It says you don't want to see the evidence. BLITZER: Elise Labott over at the State Department, thanks very much. We can do the catering. LINDSEY GRAHAM R , S. BLITZER: These pictures are horrendous, the slaughter enormous.