Travel tips europe getting around norway

travel tips europe getting around norway

Norway's public transport system – a huge mesh of trains, buses, car ferries and passenger express ferries – is comprehensive and reliable. In the winter. Travel offers; book through Rough Guides The Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget.
Catching local transport in Norway - transport tips on getting around Norway like a around taxi ranks, but you can also reserve one by phone; hotels and tourist.
You could make it a stopover on a large trip to Sweden or Northern Europe. Transportation – Trains around Norway cost between NOK between....

Travel tips europe getting around norway - journey fast

Penalties for possessing, using, or trafficking in illegal drugs in Norway are severe, and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines. To keep costs down, avoid fresh vegetables and chicken fillets. Northern lights in the Lofoten Islands. Tourist information along Kystriksveien.

travel tips europe getting around norway

Convenience stores and gas stations are relatively expensive. Norway Bed and Breakfast. Lift pass rates in Geilo. Accommodations - a memorable experience. The most famous ferry voyage is the Hurtigruten, which runs along the western coast between Bergen and Kirkenes. Downhill skiing and snowboarding in Geilo. The tourist information also has a map of those forbidden routes. Meetings and conventions in Apple purchases icloud domain. Activities and adventures - articles news politics donald trump declares american muslims possibilities. Fishing in Lygna River. For those planning multiple train trips in Norway, the Eurail Norway pass, which is available for three to eight days of travel within one month, can also provide considerable savings.

Bergen, Norway: Oslo, Fjords, and Norway in a Nutshell

Travel tips europe getting around norway - - journey fast

The effect of the midnight sun can however be seen further south, notably by the very short nights at midsummer sometimes called "white nights". Whereas the city of Bergen is further west than Cologne, Geneva and Milano. Every year, quite a few tourists get hurt, even killed, in the mountains or on the seas, usually after given, unheeded warnings. In Norwegian "half ten" "halv ti" means half past nine, when speaking to a person not fluent in English better not use this form to avoid misunderstanding. Meetings and conventions in Kristiansand. Although car ferries are very reliable and operate with spare capacity, tourists should allow plenty of time on stretches including ferries. Cycling in Norway equals tough mountain biking trails and big events like the Arctic Race — but also gentle rides through quaint villages and magnificent nature. Hiking, and filming it.

Travel tips europe getting around norway - - journey

Along select roads in Norway, natural wonders are amplified by art, design and architecture — taking you closer to nature in new and surprising ways. Fishing in the river Otra in Setesdal. Where to stay in the Lindesnes region. Festivals in Southern Norway. If you're flying SAS to Norway across the Atlantic Ocean, check out its "Visit Europe and Scandinavia Airpass," which can offer impressive flight discounts depending on your itinerary.