Public data company catalogue

public data company catalogue

City of Ann Arbor's Open Data Catalog (USA) . Barcelona Public Open Data Catalogue. ctic; level. .. It is a CKAN platform deployed by Smartgovs company.
The Data Catalog Site trial version is a portal site that is to provide a sphere for Open Data initiative, in which the government widely discloses public data in.
Data Catalog from The World Bank: Data. Pipeline research – open data driven companies in emerging marketsSep 26, Toolkit for Informality Scenario...

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You may send feedback via email or webform. France's city of Nantes Area OpenData store. The information can be downloaded for Time blocks or Topics.

public data company catalogue

For more information please see Township center positive culture seattle Langley, British Columbia. Beyond global aid data, there is information about development funds flowing through multilaterals. OpenData catalog by the Chile's Transparency Board. Poverty indicators include the poverty headcount ratio, poverty gap, and number of poor at both international and national poverty lines. Netherlands Public Data Catalogue. Open Data portal of the Municipal Administration of the city of Novo Hamburgo, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil. The open data publishing platform for the city of Enschede. Rotterdam Public data company catalogue Data is built using the CKAN data catalogue as a back-end to Liferay CMS. Online community of open geospatial data, visualizations and analysis. For the first time, a comprehensive picture of bilateral global migration over the last half of the twentieth century emerges. Wiki national rental with Raimonds' data analysis start-up company easyBI

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San Diego Apps Challenge data. It provides access to both tabular data and our Enterprise GIS data. Official list of links by the council. Using the Socrata platform. CKAN makes it easy to find, share and reuse open content and data. It also provides estimates of the... Quarterly Public Sector Debt QPSD database, jointly developed by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, brings together detailed public sector debt data of selected countries.