Msnbc suffers lowest monthly ratings nearly decade

msnbc suffers lowest monthly ratings nearly decade

Talk about a tale of two cable news networks. With its 53rd consecutive quarter total audience win, Fox News Channel saw a 10% primetime.
With a growing crisis on the southern border, an airline shoot down, civil war in eastern Ukraine and a fierce fight between the Israeli.
Politico: MSNBC Has Lowest Full Day Rating In Nearly A Decade For the month of January, MSNBC's ratings were down 20 percent in total and 37 percent in.

Msnbc suffers lowest monthly ratings nearly decade journey fast

And the only network riding high this month? Drudge and Fox are not conservative. Oh here we go with the number of degrees argument and smarts. MSLSD turns my stomach. For the second quarter in a row , CNN was second in in total day viewers, also rising to No. CNN Original Series have registered strong ratings this quarter:. Even Obama makes Bush look like Hawking I have watched both networks. His policies are a wreck and his plans for America are nightmarish.

Across cable news vs. Hire people who are further to the left! It is a matter of degree. Hellooooo Must be in the sauce. Wise up MSNBC and get rid of him altogether and you may just recover your reputation. I watch Fox, then go to CNN for the other. Also, many Americans have come to realize, that the media gives bad advice. WorldNetDaily, CNS News, Drudge, Infowars, Townhall, RedState, WeeklyStandard, Breitbart… yeah I wish there were some websites out there for us dumb conservatives. In a free market when you continually crank out crap you go. They should be compared against shows like Glee, not against other real news outlets. This quarter, MSNBC is experiencing lows in key day parts dating back over eight years. You just keep on thinking. Jessie are you hitting the pipe. The Hollywood Sign is a trademark and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Your theory is busted by Comedy Central.

Msnbc suffers lowest monthly ratings nearly decade -- expedition easy

No one wants to believe or listen to their propaganda channel anymore. The welfare state must fail because it is contrary to human nature and diminishes the human spirit.

msnbc suffers lowest monthly ratings nearly decade