Jean melenchon

jean melenchon

Mélenchon's team urge 'not one vote for Le Pen' but stop short of backing Macron . Leftist candidate Jean -Luc Mélenchon shakes up France's presidential race.
Les «livrets de la France insoumise» complètent l'Avenir en commun, le programme de la France insoumise et de son candidat Jean -Luc Mélenchon. Sans titre.
The pollster changes, but the result stays the same: Jean Luc Mélenchon, the radical left candidate for the French presidency, is surging in the...

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Macron will not change this crisis of globalisation. He did voice support for the BDS movement and the recognition of Palestine, Macron did the opposite. He wants to re-negotiate France's role within the EU - which is truly not a bad idea.
jean melenchon

We can feel it. Promotional text sentence. View more sharing options. Will rich people flee France, as his critics warn? Five frontrunners outline programmes on social, economic and international issues on primetime TV. Helen Lewis in Conversation with Jess Phillips. He sees no contradiction in travelling in comfort, saying he earns a decent wage as an MEP, doesn't own a car, avoids flying. The Illusions of Disillusion. Browse our New Statesman subscription options. Populism has been largely understood as the death knell of globalization. Mr Melenchon clashed with Ms Le Pen over religion and he called kindle fire root convert into pure android tablet the debt of some eurozone countries to be effectively written off to allow massive new investment to spark growth, jean melenchon. Greece's leftwing leader tells Paris audience that other EU countries will be next if they fail to oppose radical austerity drive. Mounting Incitements to War Blog must sees universal studios hollywood Russia, jean melenchon. He brushes this aside, saying Tibet "is used as a pretext jean melenchon put permanent pressure on Beijing, which reacts like the authoritarian government that it is". Je recevrai des informations de la France Insoumise.

LIVE: Jean-Luc Melenchon holds campaign rally in Dijon