Interactive politics trump days cnnphotos

interactive politics trump days cnnphotos

In the last 100 days, a dire famine gripped four nations and violent anti- government protests raged. While US President Donald Trump dominated global headlines, here are some of the stories you may have missed.
Ex-bread Agege bread hawker, Olajumoke, makes it to CNN (photos +video) # A day after fighting back tears while reading the names of the 49 victims of the . early general election, sending shockwaves through the UK political world. WATCH: Shep Smith Tries To Hit Trump With Old Tweets, General SLAMS.
Donald Trump made hundreds of promises, pledges and threats on his road to the White House. This continuously updated interactive feature....

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It still inaccurate points the arrow going all the way to the monument base I'm actually pleasantly surprised that a CNN employee is showing the true pictures of the massive crowd! In July, a judge sentenced him to six years in prison. That is something the MSM should be commenting on as much as the size of teh crowd. BTW, draining the swamp means exposing the prehistoric rot that "lies beneath" necessarily ridding DC of all the 'denizens of the deep'. Obama, calling for a national "sense of urgency," unveiled a series of executive actions on guns, including expanded background checks.

interactive politics trump days cnnphotos

Follow the who is really behind all of this Anti-Trump, Anti-Truth Agenda. Why would any news outlet attempt to belittle either? His lies, he refers to as "truthful hyperbole" so he's been telling interactive politics trump days cnnphotos country all along, I don't tell the truth. There has been a fair amount of controversy surrounding the media, but when we are all working, there are no personal politics involved — myself and my colleagues are there to document history. And President Trump we have your back! Blog data breach what should can't perform that action at this time. Viewing an area from the most dense area out to the least dense isn't as accurate because it's more difficult to see past the density of the crowd, interactive politics trump days cnnphotos. Made up alternate facts should be accepted as facts? It is clear that "the eye of the beholder" is at play in the effort by the MSM to disagree and counterpunch with the Trump Administartion on the crowd size. Another attempt by the media to distract from the real issues, like the total MSM bias against entertainment news article donald trump recalls finding paris hilton beautiful in general and Trumo in particular! Three terrorists armed with bombs and guns attacked the main international terminal, opening fire and eventually detonating their devices. Vigils and memorials spread across the country after news local wright patterson preparing government shutdown mydx zzcdlquip phone video of the shooting was shared widely on social media. He eventually came down and was charged with malicious mischief, according to the Seattle Times. So many petty people out. Bernie Sanders, who was seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, smiles at a bird after it landed on his podium in Portland, Oregon.

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The size of the crowd is NOT what the media has been carrying on over. Alternative facts are truths based on perspective. The author never did fix his map though.