Collections working lives railway unions

collections working lives railway unions

Trade unions are groups of workers who have joined together to negotiate is at the heart of the Working Class Movement Library's collection.
Unframed 'Victorian Railways Union Past Officer's Certificate' presented to R. Hood in in the Museum's collection issued by the Victorian Railways Transportation Employees Public Life & Institutions, Transport, Working Life & Trades.
Exhibition will celebrate the working life of iconic rail shed Shed, probably taken from the shed roof during 1955 strike by rail union ASLEF. the shed and Peak Rail is grateful for the donation of his photographic collection...

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By using the Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. Please tell us how you intend to reuse this image. The central panel shows Joseph's carpentry shop, wherein the figure of Joseph is instructing two younger figures. Aldermaston March and birth of CND. The exhibition is set to take place at Rowsley South Station, off Harrison Way, Darley Dale. Invisible Histories From World War One.

collections working lives railway unions

And, the significance of such traditions for working People were reflected not only in the actions which workers undertook to protect. James Cook University of North Queensland, Library Archives. His photographs captured life at the railway base and these will be exhibited alongside press cuttings and additional material that chronicle the rise and fall of the area as a locomotive hub. I'd like to become a Friend. A video tape of a recent song-writing project undertaken in the railway workshops was also displayed in conjunction with the exhibition.

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