Blogs socio political compass

blogs socio political compass

questionnaire which attempts to plot my socio - political compass. It deals with matters economic and social, and attempts to define my political.
The political compass is a model of a political spectrum designed to be Thus, you can be a " social liberal" and an "economic conservative.
The Political Compass: I'm sort of like Gandhi graphs you not just on an economic left-right scale, but a social authoritarian-libertarian scale....

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Comments are closed on this story.. Charles The Frontal Cortex The Intersection The Island of Doubt The Loom The Primate Diaries The Quantum Pontiff The Questionable Authority The Rightful Place Project The ScienceBlogs Book Club The Scientific Activist The Scientific Indian The Thoughtful Animal The Voltage Gate Thoughts from Kansas Thus Spake Zuska Tomorrow's Table Transcription and Translation Universe Walt at Random We Beasties White Coat Underground Zooillogix. I feel this is largely due to the fact that the test included more social issues than it did technical economics or policy issues. South Shields premier political blog. Just for the record, my results:. I never felt like a Democrat, more independent, maybe Green. Statism is on the authoritarian side, on the other side from me.
blogs socio political compass

Where the heck is volokh? Unfortunately for us, this has held over in things like the Political Compass. After all, if kids can post anti-war signs in school they should be allowed to do whatever they want to do, right? Support this site on Patreon! Account Disabled by Request. Under this the true political spectrum, American classical liberalism occupies a deservely centrist position alongside democratic liberalism. I took the test back in Juneand I still get the same result. Categories Categories Select Category Apologetics Asian Atheism Atheist Feminism Biology Blasphemy Charity Community Conference Debates discussion Diversity Education Events Feminism Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism Geology Humanism Islam Marriage Media Morality Podcasts Politics Protestants Rally Secular Skepticism Social justice Televangelism Terrorism TEXAS Uncategorized Young Earth News singapore football. Blogs Recent Entries Best Entries Best Blogs Blog List Search Blogs. The Following User Says Thank You to Franz Fanonipants For This Useful Post:. National Geographic Society In partnership. Politica, blogs socio political compass, potere e ideologie. This post is just to say, after watching blogs socio political compass final GOP debate today, I remembered The Political Compassa cool website with a tool that graphs you not just on an economic left-right scale, but a social authoritarian-libertarian scale. Suggestions and Frequently Asked Questions. But they have essentially traded alignment on several issues since. I guess I reversed something while taking the survey. New Members Introduce Yourselves.

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Sign the petition: Appoint a special prosecutor on Russia's ties to the Trump campaign. Account Disabled by Request. I have been challenged, it seems, by Bryan at Tyne Dock Green to fill out a short questionnaire which attempts to plot my socio-political compass. You may not post new threads. To be fair, I think that it usually is criticized a fair bit when people ask about it. I like the way it gives the results for past and present world leaders so you can compare yourself.

blogs socio political compass