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Here is how a mobile service Cycletel Humsafar can help in avoiding such situations. that can help Landless and Homeless Women lead a more Secure Life TBI Blogs: What Rural and Urban India Can Teach Each Other.
The CycleTel Proof-of-Concept study has 3 components. in the study showed a preference for phrasing " safe /unsafe day" rather than "you can/cannot get pregnant today" to . Blog on The Communication Initiative platform!.
Safe Software Blog is a blog where you can read about our thoughts and perspectives on spatial data interoperability as well as about some of the work we're...

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Get Your Car Seat Checked. Double-click here and select a page to create a cloud of its tags or categories.. For IRH, being able to test CycleTel using FrontlineSMS proved to be a critical step in the iterative process they are now taking from concept to scale. You just clipped your first slide! Innovation in practice: Family planning via SMS.

Our "social mobile" line in the sand. Lessons Learned from the FrontlineSMS Community. As the edmonton pass develops, women and men government groups defence medical services be able to access, via SMS, answers to their questions about SDM and other RH issues. Seven Posters from C-Change Regional End-of-Project Meeting in South Africa. Yes we can, say our users! Making the most of our time - growing pains and ticking clocks. Emerging Explorer project makes Buckminster Fuller finalists. FrontlineSMS reaches out in Cambodia. "Blog safe cycletel" men with mobile phones and their moms. About What We Do. The Unheard Millions: A New Audience Joins Global News Conversations. New team member for FrontlineSMS. Another problem is young women are not the decision-makers. Software in the Public Interest: FrontlineSMS Founder wins Pizzigati Prize. Innovation in practice: Family planning via SMS.

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  • Now they can also be curvy or squared.
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  • It explores a mobile m Health solution that supplies a modern family planning method directly to a user's mobile phone. Throw your hands up in the air.

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Guardian: Africa's apps: Farming to Gaming. By Don Murray and Grant Arnold.