Blog former times executive editor tells politico

blog former times executive editor tells politico

This article originally appeared in Media Matters. According to Politico's Glenn Thrush, Jill Abramson, the former New York Times executive.
Former NY Times Executive Editor Tells Politico: David Brock Is Right, The Times Gives Hillary Clinton Unfair Scrutiny. Blog ››› March 21.
But Times executive editor Jill Abramson says she disagrees with the former editor of the Buffalo News, takes over as public editor next week..

Blog former times executive editor tells politico expedition cheap

But it's time for the paper to show its work. Its publication led to the site's congressional reporter to resign, citing the conflict between his own credibility and the site posting right-wing conspiracy theories also found on sites like InfoWars. Congress passes stopgap bill to avoid government shutdown. The author of the post, Kyle Becker, wrote an email to the staff of IJR apologizing for the post, saying he should have "shown restraint by not publishing the story in the first place, regardless of how interesting I thought it was personally or potentially of interest for the audience to debate," Becker wrote.
blog former times executive editor tells politico

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Over the course of a day, headlines will change. Gerry Baker to staff: Criticism of Wall Street Journal's Trump coverage is 'fake news'. I'm proud of our reporting team, past and present, and just as we've done since we were one writer and a handful of readers, we will continue to invest time and energy into strengthening our team and process. As a result of last week's failure, Kyle Becker has been suspended indefinitely as well as his supervisor and Chief Content Officer Benny Johnson and the content editor approving the post, Becca Lower. NYT's Rick Berke to join POLITICO as executive editor. Congress' wiretap slap leaves White House fuming.