Blog category understanding

blog category understanding

Categories are there to help identify what your blog is really about. . If you have read this post, then you should be able to understand the.
Categories and tags were created in WordPress and other blogging software to In understanding the difference between categories and tags.
Here at LinkNow Media, when we are working with new clients who are building their first websites, one of the most common concerns we hear is that our clients..

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Real Estate IDX Feed Monthly. I usually use keywords and the names of categories for tags! You made it perfectly clear and easy to understand! Blogging is the same as blogging. Do You Really Need a VPS?

blog category understanding

Therefore, assigning tags and categories to your post increases the chance that other users will see your content. Continue reading Get More Love and Attention from Him…By Doing Less We live in the age of technology, and although not all of us have still got to grips with the Large Hadron Collider and most of us never willone simple but blog category understanding piece of technology that has improved the way we all communicate with each other is texting. Hi Scott, do you have a link to something that explains how to do this please? How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Google Rankings. Indexes are a much longer list of more specific topics the book mentions. Let us proceed by asking some questions because questions are probably more important than you realize when it comes to SEO discussed. "Blog category understanding" should I make my website mobile friendly? It normally contains some text and can contain pictures and other types of content. That means that you, or anyone else, can see it if they write the domain name in the address bar. It is rare that a post responds in a consolidated way to so many rental locations location details mhtt manchester airport. Joel, blog category understanding, I capitalise my tags when it calls for it like names, I also have been know to capitalise them in the past but I agree with the idea of separation by using caps for categories and not using them for tags to keep things straight for the reader of your articles. How to Start Your Own Podcast Step by Step. Content is available under Joomla! This is not to be confused with a website going live. Diversity, inclusion and the fear of offence.

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  • Are categories and tags hierarchical?
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  • The goal is always to make the site as user friendly as possible.

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For some reason, the permalinks setting was altered, which messed up all of the categories. Thank you in advance.